PHP Website Development Services

It is a scripting language used to build websites, Ecommerce sites, used for portal development, blogging websites etc. WordPress, one of the best platformsfor building websites is based on PHP. It is used to build static as well as dynamicwebsites. It is easy to use, quick and it does not depend on the platform.

It is flexible to use and easily connects with the database. It has great speed hence slow internet connection does not cause any problems. We use PHP to create various applications and websites according to your needs.

PHP WebSite Features
  • Asy, web-based administration - minimal computer experience is needed to maintain site content.
  • Moduler design and developer API reduces redundancy.
  • CSS based layout.
  • User and group permissions on the module and content item level.
  • Flexible layout control - site page layout can be changed at anytime.
  • Content indexed between modules.
  • Interactive content - visitors can post comments, submit blog entries and more.
  • Full featured event calendar - post events in multiple schedules.
  • Includes a selection of wysiwyg editors including
  • Simple urls with ability to create shortcuts addresses to your information.
  • XHTML and WAI compliance - we are committed to meeting XHTML 1.0 specifications by our 1.0 release. Current errors are minimal.