React Native Development Services

It is not wrong to say that mobile phones are the half soul of every individual and when it comes to Android development or iOS development, businesses often get confused whether they should offer their consumers, a mobile app with superlative User Interface (UI) and outstanding User Experience (UX) or apps that are compatible with multiple platforms and are faster to develop in the first place. And hence, there comes the REACT Native Development in the picture!

React Native is used for developing applications for Android, Web, Windows and IOS. It is backed by Facebook and it has a huge community. This platform is still in development. It uses JavaScript.

REACT Native helps you create real and exciting mobile apps with the help of JavaScript only, which is supportable for both android and iOS platforms. Just code once, and the REACT Native apps are available for both iOS and Android platforms which helps to save development time. Found a great popularity and also backed by Facebook, REACT Native, has a huge community support today. React Native is built on top of ReactJS which has given a huge competition to the long time favorite, AngularJS. Though there are some similarities and difference between ReactJS and React Native, which are mentioned below:

React Native is a framework that builds a hierarchy of UI components to build the JavaScript code. It has a set of components for both iOS and Android platforms to build a mobile application with native look and feel. ReactJS, on the other hand, is an open source JavaScript library to create user interfaces. However, both React Native and ReactJS are developed by Facebook using the same design principles, except designing interfaces.

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